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The Ideal Soundboard Wood – Exclusive To Schimmel

The sound-producing portion is the soul of a piano. Which is why the correct selection and composition of suitable woods is of special importance. Only spruce grown under specific climatic circumstances in high mountain regions can be used to make a high quality soundboard.

 This wood, which is rare and of high value, is exclusively selected and reserved for Schimmel by the Bavarian forestry service. The most important woods used in manufacturing Schimmel sound-producing portions, are select soundboard spruce from these special growing regions in Europe and the durable wood of the domestic beech. This unique arrangement has been in place for almost a century and ensures Schimmel a superlative soundboard material.

Enlarged Soundboard

You will notice the broad body shape of a Schimmel grand piano, with particularly wide dimensions in the bell of the body. This allows the Schimmel grand pianos on average to have 15% larger soundboard area than a standard grand piano of a similar size, giving you greater power.

Keytops Made of Mineral and Ebony Wood

Schimmel is the only German manufacturer who manufactures their own keyboards. The keys of a Schimmel piano offer an improved sensation of touch with their mineral and ebony composition. This means they are softer and less slippery than modern keys, offer absorption of moisture (as close as possible to ivory, without the environmental impact) and give a more pleasant visual experience as the light does not reflect off the keys. Keybed Resonator The integration of the keybed in the Schimmel sound system particularly permits the amplification of the bass frequencies to produce richer tonal colours and greater tonal volume. It also transfers subtle vibrations to the pianist through touch, enabling the pianist to feel at one with the instrument.

Konzert Grand Piano Action Schimmel Piano Keys

The touch of a full size concert grand piano is achieved in all Schimmel grand pianos due to the use of a larger action, which has been seamlessly integrated into each Konzert and Classic model. The unique key length gives greater leverage and playing control for the pianist. Regardless of how large your space is, the same exquisite touch is available in all of our grand pianos. Tension Collector Schimmel has created a tension collector in their grand piano models, which is a connecting element between the solid mountain spruce back frame construction and the stable cast iron plate, distributing the tension of up to 21 tons in a controlled fashion throughout the instrument. This eliminates the danger of the soundboard being affected by uncontrolled forces which would unintentionally interfere with its vibration process. It also adds extra support to the instrument resulting in excellent tuning stability.

Laminated Construction

Wherever it is advantageous, laminated-wood components are used for the cabinets and sound-producing portions of Schimmel pianos, for example, bent grand rims, pin blocks, bridge caps, key beds, grand tops etc. This ensures strength and durability for generations to come. Schimmel harvests hardwood from the Bavarian forest under an exclusive arrangement that has been in place for more than 100 year. Fewer than 5% of the trees examined meet Schimmels' exacting standards.

Solid Workmanship

Veneers, solid-wood components, plywood and other wooden materials are the raw materials from which the cabinetry of Schimmel pianos is manufactured. Under the supervision of experienced specialists, beautiful veneer patterns and elegant cabinetry styles come to life.Since wood is a product of nature, no two Schimmel pianos can have exactly the same wood grain pattern and colors. We even consider this desirable, as it makes each of the instruments a unique natural work of art.