Schimmel Classic C213 Grand Piano
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Schimmel Classic C213 Grand Piano
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Schimmel Classic C213 Logo
Schimmel Classic C213 Harp Logo
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Schimmel Classic C213 Grand Piano
Schimmel Classic C213 Grand Piano

Schimmel Classic C213 Grand Piano

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The Innovation Schimmel Trilogy

In Stock!  Our largest Classic grand piano C 213 is based on the design characteristics of our full size Koncert grand piano K 280. Essentially, the ‘sound system’ in the middle and treble section and the action of our Konzert grand piano K 280 was partly transferred into the Classic grand piano C 213 – and with it the tonal character and the touch of our large concert grand piano. This outstanding and innovative idea was consequently transferred into every grand piano down to our smallest grand piano model, which is unique in the piano world. Because of this a pianist receives a part of our full size concert grand in each of our grand piano models. As we  manufacture three grand piano sizes in our Classic series we simply call it ‘the unique Schimmel Trilogy’.


Review by Le monde de la musique:       

“Presented in an advance première at the 2000 Frankfurt Music Fair, the Schimmel C 213 T had already made a strong impression. (...) Its fine, velvety sound combines with a freshness of timbre in the large middle section, which is typical of that of the top brands. Its impeccable action, which, in particular, enables a perfect execution of trills when playing with the keys deeply depressed, permits the exploration of a palette of natural, fruity timbres such as occurs in Debussy’s Clair de lune. A limit [to the sound] is just barely perceptible, for example, with Rachmaninoff’s Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 3 (excerpts) and Prokofiev’s Concerto for Piano and Orchestra No. 3, which brings to light bass strings which are just a bit too short and a bass break which could stand improvement. But otherwise a very fine instrument which we never got tired of listening to and which is a joy to play on.” – Yves Guilloux

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